All WONDER modules at a glance

WONDER is based on a various number of independent modules that carry out all kinds of examinations and monitoring tasks that are important for the daily work of a technical operator. This amount of modules is continuously growing and can be complemented by your custom requirements.

Via the integrated permission system you can easily give your employees access to only certain modules.

  • Live-Map:
    Interactive map with live data that shows the wind farms and where each turbine is placed

  • Wiki:
    Customized information hub that supports own articles and descriptions

  • Windfarm-Dashboard:
    Display of the most important KPIs for the running month and year

  • Reporting:
    Automated creation of pre-defined reports

  • Mobile applications
    Mobile applicationsWONDER was developed for both: the technical operator and their customers (most likely the owners and asset managers).
Technical data
  • Components:
    Organization of the component hierarchy of each plant for the efficient handling of inspection dates and warranty endings. RDS-PPĀ® (Reference Designation System for Power PlantsĀ®) for the component labeling is supported.

  • Technical data:
    Administration of important general plant information
  • Production loss:
    Calculation and visualization of the production loss and the energetic availability

  • Revenue:
    Handling of the monthly effective wind farm production and its revenue

  • Target/performance comparison:
    Visualization of the actual productions and the predicted targets

  • Monthly production:
    Visualization of the actual monthly production and the respectively predicted targets

  • Daily production:
    Visualization of the actual daily production and the respectively predicted targets

  • Curtailment loss:
    Examination of the production loss due to grid shutdowns
  • Watchdog:
    Condition monitoring of certain error states

  • Logbook:
    Lifecycle file and team organization regarding all processes of the turbine

  • Alarms (List):
    Listing and handling of all incoming SCADA events

  • Alarms (Chart):
    Graphical visualization of the SCADA events, operational data, availability and logbook entries simultaneously.

  • Alarm statistics:
    Summary of the duration and frequencies of error states

  • Duration and frequency:
    Examination of the duration and frequencies of the categorized error states regarding, for instance, the components

  • Calendar:
    Displays all processes (Logbook) and dates (Technical data) inside a calendar

  • Availabilities:
    Definition of complex rules how to calculate the machine availability.

  • Downtimes:
    Graphical visualization of the downtimes along a time axes
Operational Data
  • Control Center:
    Monitoring of the current operating values and error states based on live data

  • Chronology:
    Visualization and exporting of the operating data

  • Data plot XY:
    Functional correlation of selected data channels to display characteristic work curves for a root cause analysis

  • Operating results:
    Visualization of additional operating values

  • Wind rose:
    Wind occurrence examination regarding the wind speed and energy distribution based on the direction

  • Power curve:
    Visualization and comparison of the actual measured power curve and its reference
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